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Roberts Machinery Maintenance is a leader in vibration monitoring, vibration analysis, acceptance testing and critical speed testing. Our multiple facilities, accreditations and 25+ years of experience will insure a cost-effective evaluation of all your site’s rotating machines.

We’re dedicated to preventing problems from occurring through the precision testing and maintenance of all equipment. With the Roberts’ approach, machine life is extended by reducing vibration levels to considerably lower than those found in new machinery.

Roberts strives to ensure that all practices and procedures exceed industry standards. We measure our success by our satisfied clients. Please contact us for an evaluation of your preventive maintenance needs.


Roberts Machinery Maintenance offers a full array of diagnostic services performed by our skilled staff of technicians.

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Regular analysis of your key equipment’s vibration is a critical factor in properly forecasting potential equipment downtime and reliability. Roberts’ technicians relay all survey data immediately to our lab via a web based data collector for analysis. Your reports are then password protected and posted online as quickly as 24-hours from site survey.

Here is a partial list of potential diagnostic targets:

  • Bearing wear and looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Imbalance
  • Mechanical and structural resonances
  • Electrical motor problems
  • Gear faults
  • Bent shaft
  • Belt wear and looseness
  • Pump malfunction
  • Turbine malfunction
  • Diesel engine malfunction

If you need vibration testing, we are here for you.