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Vibration Monitoring

Regular analysis of your key equipments’ vibration and heat emissions are both important and necessary steps for insuring rotor system up time and reliability. Roberts offers a full spectrum of vibration analysis tests and infrared thermography to achieve this goal.

First Stage

  • Initial meeting to determine a pro-active program.
  • An experienced RMM technician schedules a site visit.
  • Test locations are identified.
  • Pertinent machine data is recorded.
  • Sensor attachment pads and barcode labels will be installed at bearing points.
  • Test conditions will be defined and a database will be created.
  • Your machines will be configured into a database.
  • All machines will be tested by multiple protocols.
  • Your first report will be available online and will be reviewed with you by an analyst.

Ongoing Predictive Maintenance

  • Regular vibration surveys.
  • RMM technician will collect data on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Data is analyzed by a certified vibration analyst.
  • Testing results will be password protected online and/or emailed to you in a pdf file.

If you need vibration testing, we are here for you.